Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Paid Surveys Are They Scams?

Hi today i am talking about paid survey sites and are they scams. In my experience most are.They are normally cleverly worded so as to look legit but to actually get money out of them is near to if not imposable.You have to be very careful with these as i found to my own dismay not to long ago.They are normally aimed at newbies looking for easy work from home money but provide anything but.

Right steer clear of any that offer points for surveys. these are one of the worst when you amass your points for surveys completed. Witch normally need some kind of tricky verification. Then these points are mostly swapped for prizes or entry's in to prize draws never cash.Chances of winning these free draws if they are legit are about the same as wining the lottery if not higher.

Then there is the the ones to fill out a survey but to complete the survey you have to sign up to a paid site normally a gambling site.Then again a difficult process of proving you joined said site.Or you must purchase a product to review it all purchases and sing ups must go through the survey they get there commission.So in my experience most are scams if you know any that are not please let me know.


  1. Surveys are the best way to make extra money at home.

  2. I found one. Actually got paid. There are some out there. The problem is to qualify. I am either in the wrong location, too old, too bald, don't have children or achne. I don't listen to the right music and I don't own an IPod. I shop at Walmart but even that doesn't qualify me. After making my first dollar, after numerous attempts, I decide it wasn't worth the effort.