Thursday, 24 September 2009

Get More Twitter Viewers For Your Blogs And Websites

Hi yesterday i installed the TweetMeme plug in on my blog. What it dose is give your readers a quick and easy opportunity to tweet your posts. I installed it on all my posts on my blog. In just the short time it has been installed my Twitter following has grown quicker than usual as has visitors from twitter. by quite allot in the past 24 hours.

The plug in works very simply by tweeting whatever page it is attached to. On your Blog simply attach it in the body of your post At the top or bottom witch you prefer. As each post basically has its own url you can then tweet the post yourself. And your readers can to. Its very quick and easy to install. A simple copy and paste of a little bit of code.

Simple go to the TweetMeme website. Log in with your Twitter user name.At the bottom of the page click on plug ins. I used the web button it was quick easy and painless to install. As i said my visits from twitter have grown as have my followers This is a very good plug in and seems to be working quite well.

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