Friday, 4 September 2009

Famous Work From home People Search

I joined A well know People Search over a year ago as one of my work from home programs.Its a well known program I remember when i joined the ad was very impressive.Stating how the owner of the program built a 1.2 million dollar home while out of work from profits from the Internet.The other selling point was Earn $125 in 24 hours you must of seen the ads they are everywhere.The program looked relay good so i singed up.

The people search program works in 3 stages.First you sing up to various affiliate programs. GDI read my earlier posts GDI Work From Home. This gets you your own people search website with all affiliate programs in place and several landing pages. The second part which he calls monetise you put google AdSense on the site and other advertising mediums.Everything is automated so its quite easy.Then theirs the third part where you sing up for the owners Own advertising where he will advertise your site for you at $29.99 a month luckily the first month is free unless the price and conditions have changed.

Now the problems i found with the site.To start the google AdSense only appeared on the second page of the site and at the bottom of the Page.So there is little or no chance of any revenue there.Same with the other affiliate programs on the site. it is all designed to get people to sing up for the people search and GDI. The $125 in 24 hours you can not collect until your reach over $200 from people staying in stage 1 2 and 3 of the program for over a month so you are looking at a full month at least before you get any revenue from the program.

Then there is the owners advertising the month i was in his program his advertising sent 3 visits 2 form his own site.So on pay per click advertising that's $10 a click.Then he sent me a one time offer if i paid over $1,600 he would flip the switch on my site earning me 1000's This guy earns thousands a week on the GDI Leader boards but still ants to bleed you for more. So he was purposely holding mine and all the other sites back?The programme is advertised as an ideal work from home opportunity for newbies but its anything but.More for the experienced marketeer.the support i also found to be very hit and miss. I would defiantly give it a miss.But that's my own opinion.

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