Monday, 14 September 2009

New Site For Work From Home Fans

Hi all i was recommended to an new site. Well new to me anyway. It could be ideal for the work from home industry And Blogging community. The site You Say Too is a bit like hub pages and squdioo. Being that you can add content on whatever you like.You don't even need to add content. Unlike hub pages your content will not have to be 450 words or longer. Just as long or as short as you like. I think this cloud be a pretty cool community.

You can also add all your Blogs to the site witch updates every time you update your Blog or Blogs. This could be a good source of new traffic for your blogs. As well as earning extra revenue. So if your blog is updated regularly so will your You Say Too page. You can also add games images just about anything. You can even have your own blog there. There are groups you can join or make your own i think this community will grow fast. Defiantly in the work from home area because of the traffic and earning potential.

The earning comes Google AdSense or Amazon adds now these are your own AdSense or Amazon adds if you don't have an AdSense account they will walk you through it. AdSense is free to join as is becoming an Amazon affiliate. So the more your profile or You Say Too page is viewed the more your adds are clicked the money goes straight to your AdSense account. Why not give it a try its free so there is nothing to lose. As i say it could be really good for the work from home and Blogging community's


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  2. Thank you for posting about this website. Like you, I never thought there was a site that you could promote your blog, create other blogs, and get paid for it all! I took a good look at the website yesterday, and I think it is great! I submitted this for review over at IM Report Card, but I will be joining under you as soon as I leave this comment. Thanks again!!!