Monday, 12 October 2009

Work From Home Industry Is Booming So What To Choose

The work from home industry is booming so they say. So how do you know what programmes or systems to join. That's the question facing us all. Do you go for affiliate marketing or maybe mlm or even selling your own products. They can all be good but at the same time they can all be bad. So whet do you choose.

Take your tie to check out the programmes. your interested in first. Run a quick scam search. See if anybody has reported said site or programme or even how many have reported it. Remember most of them out there are scams. Try to check how long the site has been running. That's not to say all new work from home opportunity's are scams. most seem to be in the paid to click paid to read realm. these you need to be very careful with. So who or what do you trust.

Try to go with somebody trusted maybe somebody you know who is making money. With a well trusted programme or system. Don't believe everything the so called gurus tell you. They will not show you exactly what they do to make money. They are well known for just showing you a little to keep you interested. They do this to keep you digging into your pockets. that's really how they get rich. Not with some miracle programme but off the backs of there down line. Selling them bits of information thats usually outdated and no good.

If you are new to the work from home industry don't rush into it headlong buying into every scheme out there. Take your time to get used to it. Check things out.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Blogging Community For Work From Home And Bloggers

I joined a blogging community a few weeks ago You Say To. I must say it is working out quite well. this community is ideal for Blogger. And anybody interested in work from home. Its totally free for one thing. You can connect with other like minded Blogger and work from home enthusiasts. As well as maybe earning a little extra.

The community is quick and easy to join. no long sign up process. You can add your own blog to the site and/or write one just for the community. If you add your own blog they drag your posts from your blog on to the site from your RSS feed. so if you want you don't have to do a thing really. As new content is added as you add new content to your own Blog. If you choose to write your own blog there that just gives you more content to add. You can also add pictures games anything you feel like. Adding your blog to the site is quick and easy to. IT only takes a Minuit or two. And everything is explained quickly and easily. Theirs even video to help if you get a little stuck.

The earnings come from Google AdSense or Amazon if your an affiliate or even both. The beauty is its your own AdSense account that is used So the earnings go straight to you. You can even all or part of your earnings to charity if you wish a bit like squidoo. Like most communities of this type there is no minimum limit on how many words you have to write. so you can write as little or as much as you like. The site also Provides your own Blog or Blogs you can add as many as you like with extra traffic. I can recommend giving You Say To a try its free and you may even earn a little more. Ideal for work from home.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Free Back Link Builder That Works

First of all sorry i haven't posted for a few days i had unexpected connection problems. After joining IBL builder a few days ago. A free back link program. I would like to report the program is working very well so far. This is not a affiliate program or referral program. This is just a quick and very easy program to use that's why i like it.

To start with you don't really have to do a grate deal theirs no articles to write. Nothing complicated or tricky. You don't have to be a computer wizard or anything. Truly a program anybody can use.It works in quite a simple way. For every outbound link you display on your website or Blog you get 1 point for an inbound link from another site. Not the same site as you display the outbound link so the links are one way not reciprocal. One way links are the most valuable in the eyes of Google and Yahoo and the like.

The links that you display on your site or Blog you have total control over. If you don't like a link you don't have to accept it. You also have control over witch sites link to yours as you pick the sites and Blogs yourself. Also you pick what website or blog receives the inbound links. For the inbound links the sites you choose also have to be accepted by the site owner as you do with the links you display. The program is even developing a little traffic to my Blog. This program is ideal for somebody just starting out in work from home programs or Blogging. give it a try its free. IBL Builder Totally free no affiliate program or referral system.
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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blogging For Money And Automatic Blogging Software

Over the time that i have been Blogging i have been reading several top well know blogs. I do this for tips and hints on blogging for money. The one thing i have noticed from the top boogers is nothing is free. In fact all they relay offer you is to buy into there own automatic blogging software and the like. I really think these guys are milking it a bit.

As for the software what use is it really. With Google strict policies on duplicate software now. And do you really think they use the software themselves i think not. The so called blogging gurus are not going to tell you how they do it. And certainly not for free. All they want is for you to subscribe to there blogs and sites. Then they can try to get you to buy there software and programmes and ebooks to make them more money.

You would be much better writing your own posts thus eliminating any chance of duplicate content. Take time to read other blogs. ezine articles. this way you get a idea of what works. The fact is nobody really needs to buy into expensive programs to blog you don't have to be an expert writer I'm not as you can tell. You don't need to pay for web hosting or a domain name. Everything can be gotten for free. Yes it look more professional. But unless you have the traffic and page rank nobody is going to see it anyway.

My advice before buying into anything. Check it out first. I wouldn't go for any automatic article software. You will get penalized by search engines for duplicate content. Its allot better to ad your own content. don't go buying expensive hosting and domains. At least until your blog is established and popular. Go with the free option until you get used to it at least. I am a firm believer that if you have to pay for advice or software or programs that will show you how to make money blogging it almost never will.

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Friday, 2 October 2009

How To Promote A Blog Free Program

How To Promote A Blog is another free program i found. The site is pretty easy to navigate around. Quick and easy to join up again not an affiliate link or referral program. You simply join with the usual sign up process. maybe 2 Minuit's.

Once you have an account. simply add your Blog or Blogs. They will then take your last ten posts from your RSS feed. and publish them on the site. Mine have already received quite a few views. Don't get me wrong not staggering amounts but a few. For the time it takes to join and ad your blog pretty good.

Your articles are shown on the site with ads on them. However there is a premium member offer. This removes the ads and increases the backlink quality to your site. Also if you want to add more articles. (These are pulled automatically from your blog by the system.) you will have to perches credits. One credit per article. I am sorry i don't have a link for this. Search for How To Promote A Blog on Google its pretty easy to find. Try it out for free you may get a few new readers and a few backlinks. As i say theirs no affiliate program. So you can decide if it is worth paying for extra articles to be published.
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