Saturday, 26 September 2009

Free Back Link Builder

I found a back link builder programme the other day that looks really promising. IBL Builder has a free option. This is ideal for somebody just starting out. So i joined to give it a try. Opening an account is pretty simple. Normal sign up process. Then add your site details and url. Wait a short time for them to check and verify your Blog or website. That's about it for the sign up.

Then you create a zone that goes into the directory. I think you can make as many of these as you like. you can then Search the directory for links. for every out bound link you display on your site. you get one point. each point you can request an inbound link back.

The links you get to choose where they come from. So it is completely controlled by you you pick what sites you want linking to your site. This means you can build all relevant links. Helping your page rank with the search engines. This is not a referral or affiliate program or link so i don't get anything out of this. Give it a try its free and only takes a very short time. IBL Builder


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