Wednesday, 2 September 2009

GDI Work From Home

GDI or global domains international used to be the work from home program of choice for Meany affiliate marketers.I myself used to make quite a bit not enough to live on but it was OK but i think its getting a bit to hard now for all save a few. the problem with GDI is they stick to the old ways of selling. with affiliates having to cold call customers and send out DVDs and the like.

I used to get quite a few sing ups at one time and had quite an healthy down line.The problem is getting these to stay with the program. It dose not take long for your sing ups to realize its a pretty hard way to make any money. so hence they leave the best way of making with GDI is the weekly and monthly leader Bord's the problem is you have to buy the DVDs to hand out before you get on it no matter how Meany sing ups you have.they offer huge bonuses on the leader Bord.This is where the super affiliates make the big bucks.

The main problem i think is the product for one as $10 a month is vastly over priced for a domain name and web hosting.There are much cheaper and maybe even better solutions out there some even free.Granted not Meany offer earning potential like GDI but there are a few some with better commissions.Maybe i will go into that in a later post.I am still in GDI but i wont show the link. These are just some of my personnel thoughts i joined with a well known people search program.Maybe i will go in to that to Sum up GDI is not for the faint hearted But more for experienced marketeers


  1. I tried selling Domains once but it did not work for me. It's a hard business to be in so I will not try it for another while

  2. GDI has been around for quite a while now. I used to be a member but I wasn't able to make a lot of money that's why I stopped. After reading your post I'm quite glad I haven't continued. Thanks for sharing. By the way, this might interest you too. I ask you to take a look at this unbelievable Educational courses available to all levels of traders, to Alternative Investment Opportunities that will give you massive returns for a small initial investment, you will be on your way to creating multiple streams of income in no time. Have a remarkable day!

  3. im starting to make money with GDI. I've join them 2month ago...but getting no dline. after i joine acme free people search engine program, now im starting building my dline with their program. it grows day to day.