Monday, 28 September 2009

Free Programs To Help With Blogs And Websites Promoting Them And Improveing Page Rank

Hi the other day i did a post Free Back Link Builder. The post proved very popular judging by the clicks the link to the site received. As did some other posts with links for adding your blogs or work from home sites to the search engines indexes. Again from the clicks on the links on them.

I Am thinking this is because the links to the sites and indexes are not affiliate or referral links. They are just free programs and links. The links are to help with getting Blog and sites indexed and improve page rank. Totally free nothing to pay or lose. They are just there to help you and me with or efforts to get more traffic and improving page rank. This can only be a good thing i am thinking.

So i am going to look for more of these sites and links. When i find more i will do a post on them. I will try to find sites where you don't have to be a referral or an affiliate program. Just sites that help with promoting your Blogs and websites and increasing page rank. As they seem to be very popular with my readers.

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