Thursday, 28 May 2009

"Instant Recommendation Letter Kit (Third Edition)

If you have arrived here looking for help with writing a letter of recommendation or a letter of reference, you have found the right place!

It just so happens that this Recommendation Letter and Reference Letter writing kit -- including its 79 downloadable templates -- is the number one resource on Planet Earth on this particular subject. That's right! Really!

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit "Instant Recommendation Letter Kit (Third Edition) is a unique information source that focuses on the writing of ALL types of recommendation letters and reference letters -- personal, business, character, employment and college admission. In addition to a wealth of tips, tricks, pointers, and information, the Kit includes a separate file with 79 real-life letter templates (MS-Word) that owners can download. It also contains a bonus chapter on how to write college admission essays, including a number of downloadable essay samples, as well as a researched collection of links to of the top sites on the Net offering writing services for recommendation letters. This Kit is a unique "must-have" writing resource if you need help writing ANY kind of recommendation letter."

Here's what you get instantly with Instant Recommendation Letter Kit:

  • The one-and-only definitive source book for the writing of ALL types of letters of recommendation and letters of reference. (It's a 228 page ebook that you can download straight into Adobe Reader and use right now).

  • 79 professionnally written, fully-formatted, full-length real-life recommendation letter templates (MS-Word format) that you can download straight into your word processing program and copy, cut and paste as you like -- 5 Minutes From Now!

  • Special Bonus eBook titled Writing Success Secrets - Practical Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing. (89 pages of writing tips, tricks and pointers).

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use my proprietary "Template Adaptation Method" to create ANY type of recommendation letter in a matter of minutes.

  • Over 150 pre-written Recommendation Power Phrases that will fast-track your letters and give you a professional final product.

  • Dozens of tips, tricks, pointers and insider information, on how to write the vast majority of recommendation and reference letters that you will ever need to write.

  • My Top 30 fully-researched links to the best recommendation letter-writing resources on the Net, plus my personal writing reference short-list.

  • Free Bonus Chapter on how to write college admission essays including 5 real-life essay templates that you can download.

  • My personal pledge that if you find a recommendation letter requirement NOT covered by my real-life templates, I will write your letter for you - for free!

  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should your use of the information in the Kit not help you develop a high-quality recommendation or reference letter.

  • The most powerful set of recommendation letter tools that you will ever need to produce professional quality recommendation and reference letters for EVERY situation.

If you need a high quality recommendation or reference letter for any situation, in a hurry, Instant Recommendation Letter Kit will give it to you. You WILL NOT find another comprehensive recommendation letter resource like this anywhere else, because it simply doesn't exist.

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So, in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes from now you can be using this Kit to help you draft your own recommendation and reference letters. It really is that easy!
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If you want a more detailed description of what Instant Recommendation Letter Kit is all about, you can click right here.

Friday, 22 May 2009

E Books I Like And Recomend

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Dear Internet Friend,

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MY BLOG: Develop a 'Walk-Away' Residual Income

MY BLOG: Develop a 'Walk-Away' Residual Income

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Develop a 'Walk-Away' Residual Income

Develop a 'Walk-Away' Residual Income With a One-Time, Out-Of-Pocket of Only $7.00!

EZ2X2 is a simple 2X2 'feeder program' designed to help anyone and everyone participate in one of the quickest cash-generators in the home-business industry!

Starting with a one-time out-of-pocket $7.00 fee, you are in business. We have made it easy for anyone who is sincere and serious about earning multiple streams of long-term and unlimited residual income (Click on EZ2x2 logo).

Key Features that make EZ2x2 so Exciting and so Powerful:

2x2 Matrix
Only requires a total of 6 to fill.

Direct Referrals
You make referrals, YOU benefit.

Your sponsor and their sponsor are working to help YOU earn.

Your referrals are working for YOU.

Paid Re-Entries
When you Cycle, you also get a FREE Re-Entry.

Follow Your Sponsor
After each cycle you always come in under your sponsor.

Everyone cycles
Admin re-entries will always fall into the oldest open matrix, to help fill and maintain momentum throughout AND giving everyone the chance to cycle!

Cycling Bonuses
Earn $5 Cycling Bonuses on all personal referrals cycles beginning with your 2nd referral.

1Up Cycling Infinity Bonuses
Beginning with your 2nd referral, earn $5 Cycling Bonus on their cycles.... and their 1st, and their 1st, and their 1st to INFINITY.

Perpetual Motion
Starting with your second cycle, after each cycle, the new position(s) you gain into EZ2x2 will feed and qualify your existing positions AND help to push them through at a faster rate.

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