Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Develop a 'Walk-Away' Residual Income

Develop a 'Walk-Away' Residual Income With a One-Time, Out-Of-Pocket of Only $7.00!

EZ2X2 is a simple 2X2 'feeder program' designed to help anyone and everyone participate in one of the quickest cash-generators in the home-business industry!

Starting with a one-time out-of-pocket $7.00 fee, you are in business. We have made it easy for anyone who is sincere and serious about earning multiple streams of long-term and unlimited residual income (Click on EZ2x2 logo).

Key Features that make EZ2x2 so Exciting and so Powerful:

2x2 Matrix
Only requires a total of 6 to fill.

Direct Referrals
You make referrals, YOU benefit.

Your sponsor and their sponsor are working to help YOU earn.

Your referrals are working for YOU.

Paid Re-Entries
When you Cycle, you also get a FREE Re-Entry.

Follow Your Sponsor
After each cycle you always come in under your sponsor.

Everyone cycles
Admin re-entries will always fall into the oldest open matrix, to help fill and maintain momentum throughout AND giving everyone the chance to cycle!

Cycling Bonuses
Earn $5 Cycling Bonuses on all personal referrals cycles beginning with your 2nd referral.

1Up Cycling Infinity Bonuses
Beginning with your 2nd referral, earn $5 Cycling Bonus on their cycles.... and their 1st, and their 1st, and their 1st to INFINITY.

Perpetual Motion
Starting with your second cycle, after each cycle, the new position(s) you gain into EZ2x2 will feed and qualify your existing positions AND help to push them through at a faster rate.

Click the logo to see what it's all about


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