Saturday, 12 September 2009

My Alexa Rank

This was a post i did a few days ago that i had to redo due to duplicate url issues sorry.
My Alexa traffic rank for this work from home blog is now 187,145 when Alexa updates and going down all the time or up which ever way you look at it.Now i have seen people offering back links for money with smiler Alexa traffic ranks.That's not something i want to do

What i am offering is an exchange of links free. If you place a link to this blog on your blog or website then email me at with a link to your site and telling me where the link to my site is placed. Once i have verified the link i will place a link on this blog to your site maybe even in one of my posts.These are seen a valuable links by google and technorati to increasing your page rank.

This i think could be beneficial to both mine and your blog/website plus your link will be seen as i have over 1000 visits a day from various traffic sources.Thanks for reading.

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