Sunday, 30 August 2009

PTC PTR Are Thay Scams?

PTC and PTR sites are probably one of the easiest forms of work from home programs.But are they scams. Well most probably are i read a report somewhere on the net the other day saying so and from my own personal experience they are.If you are going to join one of these programs be very careful witch you chose. Basically most with bux in the name are as the report said.And all others.Take your time before you join check the site out look for testimonials reports about the site and scam reports.

PTC or paid to click sites are very easy to use basically they pay you for clicking on adds from sponsors.So its like a kind of revenue share.Now what will normally happen is as you reach the payment threshold or just before they will ban your account for some infringement. This is what normally happens with these types of programs.So try to pick PTC's with a good and long track record I'm not going to recommend any here.Always go for a site that has bean around for a while and beware of sites that offer unrealistic amounts per click.As no advertiser is going to pay you silly amounts just to read there ad.

PTR or paid to read works in much the same way as paid to click.The difference being they pay you to read emails sent to you.If you are going to join one of these programs your probably best opening a new email account. Again beware of programs offering silly amounts nobodies going to pay $1for you to read an email would you. Again take your time picking one that's right for you.Always take time to check out such programs and good look.


  1. Good Advice Darren Many Fall into these Traps and Waste countless hours in frount of the computer for nothing

  2. This is a great article (hard to read due to grammar and spelling) for those of us new to the industry. I am looking for programs to join to make money so thanks for the heads up. I was unaware that there were such programs that pay to read and email.

  3. PTCs or PTRs can be doubtful if they offer such high earnings per click if they are more than $1 per click. So if they say they pay you $10 or $100 per click etc, you have to know you are warned now... even so, I know certain sites like this that do not pay FREE members when reaching payout, ignoring you when you send support emails and all, but only pay UPGRADED members, even that they probably only pay some percentage of what you're supposed to get.

    Be careful:)

  4. Hey guys, I found this list of PTC scams that you can refer to. The author is someone who has known many PTC sites because he joined so many sites to test their reliablity. Other than that, he reads from forums and other reliable sources too. So he listed down all the scam in PTC that he collected... More than that, this blogs is dedicated to PTC clickers/earners (I don't know what to call ourselves who earn via clicking). He writes so many issues about PTC. For Beginners, this is a recommended reference for you. I hope this will be helpful to you...

  5. Oh yeah, this is the URL: