Thursday, 20 August 2009

Driving Traffic To Your Work From Home Programs And Blogs

Hi i came across this program the other day Free Traffic Jazz so i thought i would give it a go.Now for your work at home programs blogs and other sites this could be really good. It's a simple program very quick sign up. once you sign up you are presented. with 10 websites that you have to look at for 1 minuet each site.I know its a long time 10 Minuit's in all. Once you have viewed all 10 sites you are given your own referral link. The header on the site says 250,000,000 witch seems a bit of a stretch of anybodies imagination.But if your in work at home the visitors you get are normally into it to.I have not really promoted this program.Just posted a few links here and there. It must be a good sales page as i have 39 referrals already remember these visit for 1 Minuet each so if your selling something they have plenty of time to look around your site or blog.You can add your site or blog after you have viewed the 10 sites. once you have done this its a set and forget type of program.All you have to do is post a few links here and there every now and again in fact the only place i have promoted it is astunn and vinefire a few times.If you want to check it out go to Free Traffic Jazz thank you for reading.


  1. The blue on gray is hard to read. I'm using FF, so not sure if it is a browser issue, but don't usually have those with Blogger Blogs.

    Anyway, you have some good helpful tips here. Keep it up.

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