Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Increasing Your Page Rank For Free With Bloggers Social Sites Your Comments

Hi today i am going to talk about increasing your page rank with blogging social sites like My blog log Blog catalog and blogger.And writing and receiving meaning full comments These social sites for bloggers are a really valuable tool for getting your blog noticed.They provide targeted traffic for your blog whatever its about weather its work at home affiliate marketing computers games anything even about you.But the best part is the people there actually want to read your blog witch is what we all want right? The really good thing is the feed back you get from them. You get constructive on topic comments from most Google loves these because they see your blog as popular driving your rankings up.But this wont happen overnight what they don't like is the spam comments we all get like hay man nice blog then a Link to there site or blog well nobody likes those comments.They are mostly easy to join plus you find lots of ideas for your own blog on what to write.Also lots of blogs in the subject your interested in. Another good tip is when you comment on somebodies blog make it at least 2 or 3 sentences long and about the post your commenting on then with a link to your blog google loves this to for you making a useful link to your blog.

Now about these blogging communities my favorite is My blog log yahoo's blogging community its really easy to use and very very popular you can join in seconds with your existing Yahoo id. the interface is stunning. All you do is sign up add your site witch becomes your own community then start adding people joining there communities this starts to get your blog noticed by other bloggers most will add you to there list and join your community in return. remember these are people that write and read blogs they are relay good . The information you get from other blogs and the members relay helps you learn. Like i say the feedback they provide is really useful to help with your blogs rankings also if you write a good comment on somebodies blog they will probably repay the kindness. on My blog log you can message members giving your blog a little plug. or you can message all the members of your community at once remember these people check out your blog regularly. look after them and they will look after you.

Blog catalog and Blogger work really well to they work in much the same way. You can rate and follow blogs add all your services like face book blogger Tecnorati twitter all your social bookmarks. These blogging networks really help like i say the traffic they provide and feed back is mostly targeted. Remember you get what you give if you post meaningful comments on somebodies blog even if its constructive criticisms Google love this and the owner will probably love it to then theirs more chance of them posting a good comment on your blog the better the comment the better it Will be for you. Think about what your going to say make it relevant to the blog you comment on. Most people will then at least look at your blog if they don't comment back.Remember other people see these comments to.If they see a constructive thought out comment then one that says Hay nice post do you want to make money online www.example lets say witch comment are they likely to look at or even follow? I am learning all this as i go along just like you i hope i have explained this well as you can tell I'm still pretty new at all this so remember no spam comments please as always thank you for taking the time to read Darren


  1. I agree but the problem is these comments people putting in their name and saying notting about the post but it's nice.Yes nice post is not much more spam on my blog.They way people use my bloglog and blogcatalog sometimes is terrible.These social Netowrking sites if used Properly can really Boost Rank but most people don't take the time to Read the post Before Commenting ou your Blog.
    B.T.W nice post

  2. I like what you said about the comments, its really true. And yea if you want google to rank you higher you can't go around spamming your link, I did a little bit and didn't even realize it. I regret trying to network my informative blog at like 3a.m haha. So with all that said, here is the link, am I contradicting? My Blog .

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