Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Another Good Trraffic Source For Your Work At Home Programs And Blogs

Hello my friends today I'm going to talk about vinefire for your work at home programs affiliate marketing and any other website blog you wish to promote.Vinefire is allot like Atstunn and Traffic now fire You can read my post about them by clicking the respective name thank you.I say it's allot like them in that its really easy to use all you do is write a simple text add ad your url and away you go.They do have captcha now to stop the auto submitters witch i think is good it gives the normal guy gal a chance to get there site seen.Vinefire is the oldest of the three off what i like to call the new style traffic exchanges. You can post a link/add every 60 seconds but as long as the same link and title are live you cannot post the same one but we all have lot of different links right?

Now for the earning potential there are a few ways you can earn with
vinefire. The first is from your work at home affiliate marketing or mlm links that you post there it rally is a good source for referrals sign ups and leads.It has probably brought me more than Astunn and Traffic Now Fire put together.The second is from new and interesting programs you stumble across as your clicking the links that others post you don't have to do this by the way.But there are allot of good programmes out there along with all the bad ones.So it's always good to have a click around when you have a bit of spare time.I know who has any of that right lol. Then the rs the third probably this is where people see vinefire as a scam the debate has been rageing ever since it first opened and will probably keep rageing. They give you money into your account for your links being clicked and the links you click.Now is it real money or not i don't know but as long as you go in with your eyes open and use the service for what its really good for leads traffic sign ups and referrals and not expecting to get paid its a really good service. Of coarse if they do pay when or if they sell the site then that's a bonus but don't bank on it or you could be disappointed.That's when they say they will pay by the way when they sell the site anyway you can read all about that in the how it works part of the site.

So to sum up this is another really good traffic source. Weather its a scam or not nobody can deny the traffic leads and referrals it generates if you go into the program only for that you wont be disappointed. I like these types of exchanges because they are quick and easy. They generate loads more traffic leads sign ups and referrals the the traditional type of exchange. They don't send you loads of emails offering stupid bonuses for surfing all day long who has time for that anymore.I know i don't so witch is best overall well its hard to say and doesn't really matter
vinefire traffic now fire and astunn use all three together you will drive an amazing amount of traffic to your work at home program affiliate marketing strategies blog or website i know. I do you can check out vinefire for yourself by clicking the banner below.As always thank you all for reading Darren


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  2. Hai Sir,
    can you please tell me the trick how you are posting your links continuosly in trafficnowfire..
    i have seen your link keeps moving all the time..
    As i,m new to trafficnowfire,please help me out.i,m allowed to post only few links..please help me sending email to
    thank you

  3. Nice information...I will try TrafficNowFire..Thanks

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