Saturday, 25 July 2009

Traffic For Your Blog Work At Home Affiliate Marketing Program

We all know how important traffic is for your work at home program affiliate marketing your blog or any other program your into. Free traffic and referrals are even better. Hears one of the programs i use TRAFFIC NOWFIRE. This is basically a traffic exchange with some really cool benefits.

How it works when you join is every day just for signing in they give you one free link. For you to write a text add. You click on adds to earn points basic add 50 points bold or icon add 75 points bold with icon 100 points plus 25 extra points for a timed link. Then you can trade there's points for a further seven links(the fifth link is free to) Or you can trade them for shares witch are exchanged for money at the end of the week. This is done wit a revenue share of the money they make from sponsored links and upgrades.Sponsored links you can buy instead of trading points and very in cost depending 12 links to 75 links. If you want it bold icons surfing time. They also give you points for purchase of these links between 25000and 225,000. They also give you points for any referrals who join under you and there actions. The links you post are the important thing well to me anyway each link will generate between 40 and 60 clicks more sometimes. That's allot of traffic for your
work at home program affiliate program or blog.

nowfire also give you money and points for any of your referrals upgrading to pro. Really cool if your referrals upgrade this will pay for you upgrading witch gives you more points and many more links. Then they have member offers these can be found in the navigation bar at the top of any page on traffic now fire. Completing one of these offers you will get 50,000 to 100,000 points (most of these offers are free or very cheep) but require ranking points to complete. Ranking points are given when you sign in post 5 links a day and for referrals so they Ar very easy to build up. This is the quickest way to build up points to post links and trade for money. I use it mostly for traffic but allot of my friends have huge success generating leads and referrals. So if you are looking for traffic or referrals for your work at home affiliate program blog or website traffic now fire is a really good source you can check it out here remember its free. Again thanks for reading. Darren


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