Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Free Traffic To your Work At Home Blog/Website

Another free traffic sign up source for your work at home affiliate marketing site or blog and maybe even make money free. Astunn is a traffic exchange quite like vinefire in that they credit your account with money for clicking on there live links and for referrals you bing to the program. You don't have to click these links. But you can post your own links every 2 minutes so that's allot of links you can post every day. Posting is very quick and easy. What is realy good is the referrals you get for your links it has already sent me over 40 for my various programs and lots of free traffic witch is what we all want.

Now about the payment part of the program will
they pay i don't know they say they will pay you out after six months i told you it was a bit like vinefire. They credit your account with $0.25 per click of there live links and $ 20 for referrals you bring. as i have said before i do not use these programs for payment that's not what i am interested in. I use these solely for traffic and referrals to my work at home affiliate marketing programs and blogs. They work really well for me and if they do pay out well that's a really good bonus plus its a free program to so there is nothing to lose. The sign up is quick and easy it takes less than 2 minutes with the standard activation email. The interface is simple and easy to use. For posting and clicking on links its hard to find fault. Like i say the only worry is if they pay if you join For payment you may be in for a disappointment. But if your wanting leads traffic and referrals this could be good for you its really working well for me.

So its not without its problems maybe
they will pay maybe they wont but hay vinefire has been around a long time with people saying the same thing. Like i say I'm not there for the money they may not pay. Its all about the traffic and sign ups for my other programs for me. As I'm sure it will be for those that read this post if you do read it thank you. So is it a good program if you join for the right reasons yes if you join hoping you make money from clicking the links and referring others i don't know maybe not. But if your in work at home or affiliate marketing programs or you just want traffic for your blog/Website this could be a good source for you as it is for me. You can check it out for your self here. Again thanks for reading Darren.


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  2. I Think it's SCAM like Vinefire

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