Monday, 17 August 2009

Another Good Trraffic Source For Your Work At Home Programs And Blogs Update

The other day i composed a post about Traffic Now Fire and generating free traffic for your work at home and affiliate marketing endeavours.Well things have changed slightly over at traffic now fire. Now i would not say they are better or worse just different from when i posted about them last. It is still a brilliant program for driving traffic sing ups to to your sites blogs. Well hear are a few of the changes Basic members now have to earn 2500 points a day to post more than 2 adds this takes about 5 minuets. You now earn shares for referrals these are exchanged at the end of each week for money. And you now earn ranking points for voting links you can buy shares to with your points which the cost of shares has gone down.

They now run a daily competition where you can win lots of points and sponsor bonus links. Top clicker 250,000 points 10 ranking points and a 3 day paid sponsor link. One random member gets 1 free one day paid sponsor link . And Member who achieves most referrals that day gets 500,000 points 25 ranking points and 10 bonus links. All good prizes I'm sure you will agree.The amount of traffic leads and referrals generated for your work at home affiliate marketing and blogging sites is still very high. So like i say no better no worse in my opinion.

On the last post about traffic now fire i could not comment on the pro member part of the program as i was only a basic member.I recently upgraded to pro and the results are better than i expected. Pro members can post up to 22 links a day driving massive amounts of viewers to your site you get more points per click more money for your referrals upgrading and more money for extra advertising they buy .The pro membership i highly recommend well worth the price. so if your into affiliate marketing work at home programs or just want traffic for your blog.Traffic now fire is a really good provider for all 3. you can see the old post here or just go to Traffic Now Fire


  1. Traffic Now Fire is a very great traffic source, it´s very similar to VineFire!
    Thanks for this informations!

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