Monday, 15 June 2009

How to get 48,280 followers on Twitter

We all hear about the power of twitter in work from home and Internet marketing this can help getting the followers you need.
Hey This really works and its free to witch is more surprising
they don't send you email after email witch i like.
In fact the only emails you get are from the new followers.
This dose the same thing as allot of the paid for twitter
programs. that's why i really recommend

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Derrick Vandyke just released this amazing software
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He's also giving away a free report that shows you
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Twitter account.

This is very cool...



  1. This looks great. I am a supporter of your blog on trafficnow I hope you can visit me too.

  2. Maybe I should use Twitter more. Been a bit lazy lately.

  3. I like your articles. I just posted my payment proofs for july but hope next month to double my earnings. Do you think Twitter helps with increasing page views at all?

  4. Hello Darren! Don't know if that stuff still work on Twitter. You see if you've reached 1000 or 2000 followers Twitter won't allow you to follow more people. You're lucky if you can follow 10 people a day. It happened to using Twitter Traffic Machine and can't follow more than 10 people a day..

  5. I did try something on Twitter and the divs cancelled my account it sucks. Now I have to try all over agian lol. I like your blog though. always drop by and support it. Good work. I hope when you have time you can drop by mine too. My Alexa is down to 138 thousand and you should put those CFM ads on your blog too.

  6. :) great info bro.. :thumbsup:

  7. okey... i'll save your post. thanks. and be a best partner.

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